Rock on!

A couple years ago I photographed this family when their oldest daughter was a newborn. We did some really fun and creative shots using musical instruments to tie in the dad’s musical career. For this shoot, we photographed the newest member of their family using new instruments from dad’s collection. Big sis was such a sweetheart and had lots of love to give her baby sister. Another wonderful shoot with this loving family!

los angeles newborn baby photographer_0964 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0284 los angeles newborn baby photographer_1345 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0441 los angeles newborn baby photographer_001 los angeles newborn baby photographer_004 los angeles newborn baby photographer_1472 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0728 los angeles newborn baby photographer_003 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0020 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0831 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0507 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0740 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0787 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0998 los angeles newborn baby photographer_002 los angeles newborn baby photographer_1433 los angeles newborn baby photographer_0136

Boy oh boy!

I recently photographed my beautiful sister, brother-in-law and nephew to capture this special time in their family as they await the arrival of their baby boy due in June. We went to the beach where my nephew Beckett could run and play. They are beach lovers (like me) so it was a perfect location for their shoot. I am in love with all their photos and couldn’t wait to show them the photos we took. Here they are:

beach_maternity_0352 beach_maternity_002 beach_maternity_0188 beach_maternity_0942 beach_maternity_0171 beach_maternity_0413crop beach_maternity_001 beach_maternity_005 beach_maternity_0920 beach_maternity_003 beach_maternity_0558 beach_maternity_0084 beach_maternity_0914 beach_maternity_004 beach_maternity_0132 beach_maternity_0215 beach_maternity_0375 beach_maternity_0444 beach_maternity_0403 beach_maternity_0787 beach_maternity_0495 beach_maternity_0870 beach_maternity_0710 beach_maternity_0622

Tea for two.

These darling girls had a tea party all ready for our shoot in their backyard. The session was put together to document the girls together and also to celebrate Quinn’s first birthday with a cake smash! Their mom had so many perfect props to enhance the photos, check out those birthday boards she had made!! It was such a lovely day and and there were so many fun photos to choose from:

cake smash first birthday_0084 cake smash first birthday_0654 cake smash first birthday professional photography_0404 cake smash first birthday_0602 cake smash first birthday professional photography_0830 cake smash first birthday_0544 cake smash first birthday_0256 cake smash first birthday_0164 cake smash first birthday_05 cake smash first birthday_0158 cake smash first birthday_0044 cake smash first birthday_04 cake smash first birthday_06 cake smash first birthday_03 cake smash first birthday_0803 cake smash first birthday_02 cake smash first birthday_01 cake smash first birthday professional photography_0361

Fall fun.

Last fall I did a home session in this sweet family’s back yard for their holiday card. The trees and grass, combined with the color palate of the clothing and their warmth and laughter made for a really special shoot. It was so hard for me to narrow down my favorite photos as we captured so many fantastic moments. Tons of laughs and great fun was had by all, especially me. Here are my selects:

outdoor family portrait photography_0171 outdoor family portrait photography_1206 outdoor family portrait photography_0792 outdoor family portrait photography_1491 outdoor family portrait photography_003 outdoor family portrait photography_0398 outdoor family portrait photography_004 outdoor family portrait photography_1392 outdoor family portrait photography_1388 outdoor family portrait photography_1217 outdoor family portrait photography_1092 outdoor family portrait photography_0769 outdoor family portrait photography_0571 outdoor family portrait photography_0128 outdoor family portrait photography_002 outdoor family portrait photography_1684 outdoor family portrait photography_001 outdoor family portrait photography_0173

Energy for days…

I have had the pleasure of watching these sweet boys grow before my eyes over the years. Our first session together was when their oldest son was just four months old, one of the first baby shoots of my career. From moving homes to welcoming family members, I have been lucky enough to capture their special family moments. For this shoot, we went to a local park and let the boys be boys. Another wonderful shoot with an awesome family:

outdoor family photography los angeles_0441crop outdoor family photography los angeles_0694 outdoor family photography los angeles_2 outdoor family photography los angeles_0099 outdoor family photography los angeles_0364 outdoor family photography los angeles_3 outdoor family photography los angeles_1071 outdoor family photography los angeles_1 outdoor family photography los angeles_0972 outdoor family photography los angeles_0784 outdoor family photography los angeles_0917 outdoor family photography los angeles_0884 outdoor family photography los angeles_0282 outdoor family photography los angeles_0528 outdoor family photography los angeles_0050 outdoor family photography los angeles_0645 outdoor family photography los angeles_0425

Mommy-to-be….here comes #3!

Well, this shoot was done many months ago when this sweet family was expecting there third child. They have since welcomed their little girl to their loving crew. Big brothers Henry and George were full of energy, laughter and spirit. We did a mix of photos inside their gorgeous home and outdoors where boys can be boys. Here are some favorite moments captured:maternity and family photography los angeles_1073

maternity and family photography los angeles_0163newmaternity and family photography los angeles_0039 maternity and family photography los angeles_1001 maternity and family photography los angeles_0862

maternity and family photography los angeles_0189new maternity and family photography los angeles_0832 maternity and family photography los angeles_0821 maternity and family photography los angeles_0740new maternity and family photography los angeles_0686 maternity and family photography los angeles_0626 maternity and family photography los angeles_0583new maternity and family photography los angeles_0417 maternity and family photography los angeles_0260new

Welcome baby Piper!

This family was so photogenic and kind-hearted to boot. It was such a treat to photograph this picture perfect family at their home in Manhattan Beach. They recently welcomed their third child to complete their clan. As you can see from the photos, these kids absolutely adored one another which was so touching to watch. I had a blast with this family and here are a handful of the many photos that captured my heart:

newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0383newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0591newborn toddler children photographer los angelesnewborn toddler children photographer los angeles_02 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0967newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0170 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0821 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0585 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0439newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_1324  newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0283newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_1090 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0273 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0320newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0232

Big sis, baby bro…

Maya and Jonah were full of smiles during our session at their home. It started with the kids, then we did family photos and finished with a first birthday cake smash for little Jonah! I had also done Maya’s cake smash when she turned one! We had a great time shooting at home and on a walk down the street. Here are some favorites!

family photography childrens photographer_0775 family photography childrens photographer_0052 family photography childrens photographer_002 family photography childrens photographer_0075 family photography childrens photographer_001 family photography childrens photographer_003 family photography childrens photographer_0486 family photography childrens photographer_0127 family photography childrens photographer family photography childrens photographer_004 family photography childrens photographer_0707 family photography childrens photographer_0142 family photography childrens photographer_0307 family photography childrens photographer_0395 family photography childrens photographer_0566 family photography childrens photographer_0783 family photography childrens photographer_1057

Time Flies!

It has been quite awhile since I posted personal photos of my little ones, now 4.5 and 2.5 years old. I feel so lucky to not only do what I love for a living, but to also be able to spend so much time with my children, watching them grow and capturing the important times in their lives. Here are some of the photos I have taken over the past year and a half and what they were taken for:

This photo was taken for their 1st and 3rd birthday invitation. We had a joint bubble birthday party, hiring a bubble specialist to entertain the kids.

beauties and babies photography 23

This photo was taken for Jaelyn turning three and Griffin’s 11th month:beauties and babies photography 15 beauties and babies photography 16

Griffin’s 1 year cake smash:beauties and babies photography 25

Halloween 2013:beauties and babies photography 11

Holiday card 2013, front and back:beauties and babies photography 13

This one was taken on a tripod.beauties and babies photography 17

Valentine’s Day 2014beauties and babies photography 04

Jaelyn turning 3.5:beauties and babies photography 22

and Griffin turning 1.5:beauties and babies photography 10

just because… June 2014beauties and babies photography 02 beauties and babies photography 19

Summer vacation at the beach 2014:beauties and babies photography 20 beauties and babies photography 21

And this is their cousin Beckett who was vacationing with us. Love this shot of the two together!beauties and babies photography 18

My daughter and her friend Harley had a Frozen 4th birthday party. These were the invitation photos (one of each girl as Elsa since they both adore her!)beauties and babies photography 12 beauties and babies photography 14

Griffin’s 2nd Birthday invitation (superhero party, of course!)beauties and babies photography 08

And Halloween 2014:beauties and babies photography 24

Holiday Card 2014 (caption: nothing beats the holidays)beauties and babies photography 07

This was an outtake and my favorite image of the shoot but I went with the shot above for a more warm fuzzy photo.beauties and babies photography 09

And this was taken on a tripod:beauties and babies photography 06

Valentine’s Day 2015:beauties and babies photography 03 beauties and babies photography 01

Taken a week ago, this was to document their half year marks and new haircuts!beauties and babies photography 05

Dance, play and be merry.

When I photographed sweet sisters Olivia and Harper, they had a wonderful and captivating energy. When they started to dance, my heart melted instantly. I have had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful souls many times through their lives and each time is an absolute pleasure. Here are the photos I took of this dynamic duo:

little girls photography los angeles_0016 little girls photography los angeles7 little girls photography los angeles_0189 little girls photography los angeles_0078 little girls photography los angeles_0118 little girls photography los angeles_0440 little girls photography los angeles_0459 little girls photography los angeles1 little girls photography los angeles_0297 little girls photography los angeles_0160 little girls photography los angeles5 little girls photography los angeles_0194 little girls photography los angeles4 little girls photography los angeles_0253 little girls photography los angeles6 little girls photography los angeles2