park play.

Last holiday season I shot these pictures at a local Beverly Hills Park. I have photographed Chase since he was a newborn and he is so sweet and full of life. We had a perfect morning and captured photos that I adore. Here are the standouts:

family photography_0371 family photography_0226 family photography_0710 family photography_0520 family photography_001 family photography_0236 family photography_0649crop family photography_002 family photography_0036 family photography_0409 family photography_0444 family photography_0646 family photography_0479 family photography_0775 family photography_0796 family photography_0575 family photography_0923 family photography_0418

Valentine’s Day Love

While some families send out holiday cards, more and more clients are starting a new trend of sending Valentine’s Day cards instead! These darling twin boys were the stars of the card so we had fun playing with different poses and different environments. I absolutely adore these sweet faces and the photos we took. Here are some of my favorite photos from this shoot:

twin boys photograph_0214 twin boys photograph_0504 twin boys photograph_0661 twin boys photograph_0451 twin boys photograph_0336 twin boys photograph_0868 twin boys photograph_0471 twin boys photograph_0642 twin boys photograph_0086 twin boys photograph_0785 twin boys photograph_0566 twin boys photograph_0122

Just the two of us

Last holiday season I was invited to capture these two darling kids for their holiday card. We shot the photos at their home and I loved the spirit and energy these two had. From dance party in the yard to peek a boo in the curtains with a grand lollipop finale, these photos just make me smile. And look at those GORGEOUS eyes! Such a fun shoot, here they are:

kids photographer_0004 kids photographer_02 kids photographer_03 kids photographer_0298 kids photographer_0144 kids photographer_0017 kids photographer_0615 kids photographer_0024 kids photographer_0041 kids photographer_0224 kids photographer_04 kids photographer_0474 kids photographer_0234 kids photographer_0327 kids photographer_0185 kids photographer_0515

Mama’s Sweet Boy

Sweet little August was getting ready to celebrate his first birthday and what better way than with a cake smash shoot! We started out capturing pictures with mom, baby and doggie at their home. Although he was not a fan of his birthday cake, he LOVED his bath that immediately followed. Such happy photos of a lovely family:

los angeles childrens _0224 los angeles childrens _0152 los angeles childrens _0287 cake smash_0971 los angeles childrens _001 los angeles childrens _0268 cake smash_0735 cake smash_1018 cake smash_0501 cake smash_0617 los angeles childrens _0412 los angeles childrens _0247 cake smash_1213 los angeles childrens _0196 los angeles childrens _0060 cake smash_1139

Precious Angel

A few year ago I captured photos of baby Braydon for his newborn photos. Well, now that he is a big brother, his family had me back to capture their newest family member, newborn baby Zoey. She was so well behaved and a great little sleeper which made my job easy. These two made a great pair and we had a wonderful shoot. These are my picks:

newborn baby family photography_0610 newborn baby family photography_002 newborn baby family photography_0554 newborn baby family photography_0016 newborn baby family photography_0295 newborn baby family photography_0427 newborn baby family photography_0912 newborn baby family photography_003 newborn baby family photography_0331 newborn baby family photography_0381 newborn baby family photography_0214 newborn baby family photography_0586 newborn baby family photography_1046 newborn baby family photography_1022 newborn baby family photography_0649 newborn baby family photography_0926 newborn baby family photography_001 newborn baby family photography_0123 newborn baby family photography_1298

Awaiting baby Lola

This is an extra special post because my youngest sister and her husband are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child, a little girl. It is hard to imagine my baby sister having a baby of her own but I couldn’t be more thrilled for them and know they will be awesome parents. A couple weeks ago our family took a trip to Ojai, which was the perfect setting for her maternity photos. Green, lush and captivating, I was inspired at new heights and I am in love with the photos we took. Five more weeks until my niece is due!

maternity photos_2035 maternity photos_1578 maternity photos_1704 maternity photos_1874 maternity photos_2103 maternity photos_1862 maternity photos_1911 maternity photos_2118 maternity photos_1755 maternity photos_2076crop maternity photos_1620 maternity photos_1985

showing baby bro the ropes

I am so lucky to have gotten to know this incredible family over the years. This was our shoot #4 and this time they had a new family member! Big brother was great with his little bro and as always, I had the best time catching up with the parents and photographing this warm family. Here are photos of this family of four:

professional pictures_0405 professional pictures_001 professional pictures_0210 professional pictures_0113 professional pictures_002 professional pictures_0162 professional pictures_0143 professional pictures_0286 professional pictures_0688 professional pictures_0493 professional pictures_0362 professional pictures_0456 professional pictures_0074 professional pictures_0641 professional pictures_0126 professional pictures_0239 professional pictures_0710

growing, growing!

This was my third shoot with this amazing family. The first shoot was when their precious little girl was just a baby, the second shoot was done when they were building their new home and this shoot was in their new home! It is so cool to photograph families over time and watch the children grow before my eyes. This time the kids were so grown up, enthusiastic and energetic. It was wonderful to see how they have matured yet still had the sweet innocence that only a child can have. All-in-all it was a wonderful shoot. Here they are:

family photography0999 family photography0141 family photography0288 family photography0001 family photography0823 family photography0204 family photography0002 family photography0480 family photography0036 family photography1401 family photography0120 family photography0352 family photography1045 family photography0171 family photography0777 family photography1288 family photography1431

Sibling love.

One of the highlights of my job is to watch siblings interact with one another and tap into their personalities and relationships with one another. These gorgeous kids had a special chemistry that was really special to be a part of. I photographed these cute kiddos when the twins were brand new babies, welcomed by their big brother and family. Today they are three peas in a pod and are absolutely darling. Here are some highlights from our session:

sibling kids twins photographer0054 sibling kids twins photographer001 sibling kids twins photographer0299 sibling kids twins photographer0031 sibling kids twins photographer0439 sibling kids twins photographer0239 sibling kids twins photographer0085 sibling kids twins photographer0127 sibling kids twins photographer0273 sibling kids twins photographer0178 sibling kids twins photographer0330 sibling kids twins photographer0511 sibling kids twins photographer0165 sibling kids twins photographer0470 sibling kids twins photographer0388 sibling kids twins photographer0413

Blonde Beauties

Photographing these 3 gorgeous blondes was a treat. Big brothers were smiley, patient and kind to their baby sis. Just look at those gorgeous locks and piercing eyes! I am crazy about the photos we took, here are some of my favorites!

newborn baby girl photos_0126 newborn baby girl photos_0717 newborn baby girl photos_0038 newborn baby girl photos_0051 newborn baby girl photos_0189 newborn baby girl photos_0736 newborn baby girl photos_0059 newborn baby girl photos_0803 newborn baby girl photos_0373 newborn baby girl photos_0106 newborn baby girl photos_0625 newborn baby girl photos_0265 newborn baby girl photos_0497 newborn baby girl photos_0549 newborn baby girl photos_0457 newborn baby girl photos_0703 newborn baby girl photos_0115