Girls just wanna have fun

I absolutely love photographing sisters because it brings back so many memories from my childhood. These two beauties were playful, energetic and covered an array of activities to keep themselves entertained. From an outdoor dance party, swings, reading, kitchen play, and artwork to bouncing on the bed and dressing up, we captured the essence of girls being young and full of life. Here are some favorite photos of this precious pair:

sisters_0006 sisters_005 sisters_0583 sisters_0020 sisters_0177 sisters_001 sisters_0002 sisters_003 sisters_0207 sisters_007 sisters_0065 sisters_0380 sisters_0107 sisters_0359 sisters_0134 sisters_004

Whatever Lola wants….

I have been so excited to welcome my niece Lola into the family. She arrived a few weeks before her due date and was tiny and sleepy for our shoot at just 7 days new. She was so easy and slipped into any pose we gave her. Here are my favorite photos of my gorgeous niece and her amazing parents!

newborn baby girl_0662 newborn baby girl_0541 newborn baby girl newborn baby girl_0077 newborn baby girl_01 newborn baby girl_0725 newborn baby girl_0141 newborn baby girl_02 newborn baby girl_0237 newborn baby girl_0588 newborn baby girl_0858 newborn baby girl_0004 newborn baby girl_0264 newborn baby girl_0585 newborn baby girl_0106 newborn baby girl_0619 newborn baby girl_0205 newborn baby girl_0670And here is a shot that I took of my niece and nephew just a few days later:


Paige Lauren summer at the beach

Once again I was given the opportunity to photograph Paige Lauren’s beautiful baby clothing line. We did the summer collection at the beach. We gave the images a vintage feel, which paired perfectly with their bright summer palate. The baby models could not have been cuter and I love the photos we captured. Here are a handful of my favorites:

paige lauren 01 paige lauren 02 paige lauren 03 paige lauren 04 paige lauren 05 paige lauren 06 paige lauren 07 paige lauren 08 paige lauren 09 paige lauren 010 paige lauren 011 paige lauren 012 paige lauren 013 paige lauren 014 paige lauren 015 paige lauren 016

dynamic duo.

I photographed these handsome boys at their home just before Father’s Day. They welcomed me with smiles and took turns in their gorgeous rooms with a mix of smiles for the camera and boys being boys together. We ended with pictures of them playing hockey in the yard on their amazing hockey rink! This pair could not have been kinder to one another and were so easy to capture. Here are a handful of favorites from the day:

brothers_photography_0367 brothers_photography_0463 brothers_photography_01 brothers_photography_0118 brothers_photography_0333 brothers_photography_0054 brothers_photography_0512 brothers_photography_0456 brothers_photography_0084 brothers_photography_0134 brothers_photography_0195 brothers_photography_0698 brothers_photography_0151 brothers_photography_0303 brothers_photography_0748 brothers_photography_0396 brothers_photography_0389 brothers_photography_0644 brothers_photography_0716

Purple Palate

A few years ago I met this family as we captured their sweet daughter Zoey’s newborn photos. Fast forward to January and I got to photograph Zoey and her darling sister Mia! The family had moved to a new home and Zoey was thrilled to take pictures with her sister and pose for the camera. So much love and happiness was felt throughout the shoot. And I absolutely love the purple color palate that was captured! Here are my favorite photos we took:

family photography newborn_0626 family photography newborn_0366 family photography newborn_1112 family photography newborn_1143 family photography newborn_0777 family photography newborn_1014 family photography newborn_0585 family photography newborn_1 family photography newborn_0488 family photography newborn_0683 family photography newborn_0193 family photography newborn_0173 family photography newborn_1257 family photography newborn_0102 family photography newborn_0271 family photography newborn_0664 family photography newborn_2 family photography newborn_0866

Reach for the stars

Last fall I photographed this sweet boy for the family’s holiday card. It was a rainy day so we started indoors and finished outside with some rainy day play. I loved the color palate of the rooms we shot in and that adorable face made for some gorgeous photos! And the monkey shot kills me…cute cute!! Here are my selects from our shoot:

kids photographer_0246 kids photographer_0156 kids photographer_0067 kids photographer_0045 kids photographer_0275 kids photographer_0083 kids photographer_0293 kids photographer_0169 kids photographer_0059 kids photographer_0097 kids photographer_0189 kids photographer_0214 kids photographer_0315 kids photographer_0281

the miracle of life.

Thirteen days ago I was lucky enough to watch as my nephew entered the world. My sister, Lana, asked me to photograph her birth and it was quite a powerful experience. Baby Luca was happy inside the womb and was in no rush to come out so twelve days after his due date, he was induced. Though she was given pitocin to induce labor, Lana chose not to have an epidural or any pain medication which made for some expressive and powerful images. The experience was such a mix of emotions as a spectator but it was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to have been there. Here is a link to a slideshow I created of Lana’s delivery of my nephew, baby Luca: SLIDESHOW. And here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:

birth_0020 birth_0028 birth_0036 birth birth_0081 birth_0056 birth_0105 birth_0135 birth_0143 birth_0160 birth_0227 birth_0295 birth_0305 birth_0373 birth_0382 birth_0384 birth_0430 birth_0455 birth_0459 birth_0467 birth_0483 birth_0527 birth_0579 birth_0627 birth_0667

Little surfer girl!

Typically newborn sessions are done within the baby’s first 14 days of life. This ensures sleepiness, flexibility so they can go into those tiny tuck poses and also is the window of time before baby acne and dry skin are in full force. Well, although we slightly missed that time window (she was 3 weeks old), Jessie was definitely the exception to that rule and slept like a champ! We did the shoot at her gorgeous home near the beach where mom and dad had amazing props and a perfect setting for the shoot. I adore the photos and loved working with such a sweet little angel!

newborn girl_0259 newborn girl_0881 newborn girl_1507 newborn girl_001 newborn girl_0020 newborn girl_1030 newborn girl_0200 newborn girl_0934 newborn girl_1359 newborn girl_0146 newborn girl newborn girl_1407 newborn girl_002 newborn girl_1192 newborn girl_0133 newborn girl_1311 newborn girl_0317 newborn girl_0902

Fighting for their lives.

Several months back I met a kind woman named Kristen Gray at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend. At the time I had no idea about the nightmare that she and her family were going through. I was taken aback to learn that both of her daughters, Charlotte age 4 and Gwenyth age 2, were diagnosed in March with a rare and fatal disorder called late infantile batten disease CLN6.  Batten disease is a really rare neurodegenerative disorder that begins in early childhood and will soon rob these girls of their eyesight, motor skills, ability to walk, talk and function normally. This terrible disease has no cure and typically children die between the ages of 6-12. The thought of this local family losing both of their precious babies to this horrific disease absolutely broke my heart and as soon as I heard I wanted to get involved and help in anyway that I could.  A couple weeks ago I photographed their family for a writeup that was featured in People Magazine (see below). Charlotte and Gwenyth were incredibly sweet girls with a beautiful energy and spirit. I am joining in the fight to help save Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray and raise awareness to cure batten. Please consider contributing to their cause and please help spread the word. They are in a race against time to get the funding they need save their little girls. If you wish to make a donation, please click here ( And if you would like to view their video which further explains their mission and their story, click here (

cure_batten_0057 cure_batten_0292crop cure_batten_0488 cure_batten_0143 cure_batten_0530 cure_batten_0186 cure_batten_0421 cure_batten_0375 cure_batten_0391crop cure_batten_0123 cure_batten_0171crop cure_batten_0436 cure_batten_0357 cure_batten_0467 cure_batten_0279 cure_batten_0494 cure_batten_0541 cure_batten_0130

brother sister love.

Photographing newborn babies always warms my heart. This shoot was no exception because not only did I get to photograph this little bundle of joy, I got to take pictures of his big sister sharing in the excitement of having a little bro. She was so sweet with him and he was such an easy baby. Here are some of the beautiful moments we captured!

newborn baby boy_0038 newborn baby boy_0396 newborn baby boy_0165 newborn baby boy_0109 newborn baby boy_0047 newborn baby boy_0215 newborn baby boy_0335 newborn baby boy_0452 newborn baby boy_0129 newborn baby boy_0213 newborn baby boy_0610 newborn baby boy_0066 newborn baby boy_0196 newborn baby boy_0182 newborn baby boy_0262