Three Peas in a Pod

These adorable kids have grown up before my lens and I have been lucky enough to document many special times in their lives. From pregnancies to newborn photos and watching them grow into these sweet little people, I am so grateful to be there to capture these moments. Here was our latest shoot at their beautiful new home:

family portrait photographer_0338 family portrait photographer_0598_option2_crop family portrait photographer_03 family portrait photographer_0098 family portrait photographer_01 family portrait photographer_0036 family portrait photographer_02 family portrait photographer_0051 family portrait photographer_04 family portrait photographer_0474 family portrait photographer_0153 family portrait photographer_0349 family portrait photographer_0370 family portrait photographer_0422crop family portrait photographer_0611 family portrait photographer_0230

Puppy love

I photographed this Manhattan Beach couple to capture their love for one another and for their newest family member, their puppy Winnie. She was so sweet with the softest puppy fur and oversized paws. The couple is engaged and wanted to capture engagement photos and also wanted to do a thank you photo for their wedding “thank you’s”. They also wanted to take pics of their adorable puppy. It was Winnie’s first time in sand and it was so fun to watch her explore this new turf. Such a fun day!

puppy photography_0260 puppy photography_0037 puppy photography_001 puppy photography_0174 puppy photography_002 puppy photography_0863 puppy photography_0306 puppy photography_0054 puppy photography_0409 puppy photography_0097 puppy photography_0507 puppy photography_003 puppy photography_0201 puppy photography_0272 puppy photography_0632 puppy photography_0363 puppy photography_0383 puppy photography_0544 puppy photography_0326 puppy photography_0679

Jump, slam dunk and smile

This was my second shoot with this loving family (here was the first). We started the shoot at their gorgeous home. The boys each took a turn posing in their rooms which lead to taking turns slam dunking the bunk bed hoop (a first for me!) I love the energy and love that these boys shared. Some of my favorite photos are the action shots we captured. We ended at the park in the park throwing leaves and then after I said goodbye the boys played on the basketball court. Such a fun shoot and so many favorite photos. Here are a few:

los angeles family portrait photography_0133 los angeles family portrait photography_0084 los angeles family portrait photography_01 los angeles family portrait photography_0724 los angeles family portrait photography_03 los angeles family portrait photography_0089 los angeles family portrait photography_0593 los angeles family portrait photography_0595 los angeles family portrait photography_0375 los angeles family portrait photography_0461 los angeles family portrait photography_0478 los angeles family portrait photography_0613 los angeles family portrait photography_02 los angeles family portrait photography_0647 los angeles family portrait photography_0988 los angeles family portrait photography_0671 los angeles family portrait photography_0782 los angeles family portrait photography_0157 los angeles family portrait photography_1036

Fire trucks and tutus

This gorgeous family welcomed their sweet angel to their family and I was so lucky to get to document this special time in their lives. We did a variety of different shots from family, individuals of the kids and the siblings together. At first, big brother was a little unsure of posing with his sister but all of a sudden he leaned over and gave her a kiss and my heart completely melted. So many beautiful moments captured as the love and warmth was felt throughout. Here are a handful of favorites:

newborn baby photography_0122 newborn baby photography_0574 newborn baby photography_1058 newborn baby photography_1188 newborn baby photography_1043 newborn baby photography_0470 newborn baby photography_0599 newborn baby photography_0050 newborn baby photography_0560 newborn baby photography_1337 newborn baby photography_0709 newborn baby photography_0291 newborn baby photography_1292 newborn baby photography_0922 6.37.46 PM newborn baby photography_0406crop

Two year old cutie

Last fall I was asked to shoot a mini holiday card session for this sweet little boy. His mom wanted to do something outdoors and woodsy. We found a perfect location in the Palisades at a beautiful hiking trail up Temescal Canyon. It was a great spot for a busy two year old to run and play. And with the help of some props, he was perfectly entertained. Here are some photos from our session:

child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0429 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0052 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_001 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0333 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_002 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_003  child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0205 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0412 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0216child outdoor profesphoto shoot_004 child outdoor profesphoto shoot_0489

Sweet Siblings

Giggles and play were a theme with these two adorable kiddos. They laughed, ran, danced and played as I snapped away. This family could not have been sweeter and I love the wonderful and real moments that we captured. Here are some standout photographs from our shoot at the park:

ourdoor lifestyle photography_0127 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0623 ourdoor lifestyle photography_001 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0271 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0201 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0238 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0505 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0684 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0033 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0151 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0257 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0286 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0445 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0615 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0489 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0356 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0695 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0081

Baby bump to baby boy!

Photographing this beautiful couple was such fun as they were awaiting the arrival of their little angel. Shortly thereafter, I got to come back and photograph their son Graham as a newborn! They lived near the beach so we divided the maternity session between the beach and their home. Their sweet and energetic dog was thrilled to meet baby boy as they cuddled for photos together. Here are my favorites from the two shoots:

maternity and newborn photographer_2289 maternity and newborn photographer_1maternity_photographer_2396maternity and newborn photographer_2064 maternity and newborn photographer_2218maternity_photographer_2488maternity and newborn photographer_1762 maternity_photographer_2569 maternity and newborn photographer_2105 maternity and newborn photographer_1160maternity and newborn photographer_1224maternity and newborn photographer_001maternity and newborn photographer_0670 maternity and newborn photographer_0924 maternity and newborn photographer_0785 maternity and newborn photographer_0757 maternity and newborn photographer_0381 maternity and newborn photographer_0294 maternity and newborn photographer_0143 maternity and newborn photographer_0033 maternity and newborn photographer_002maternity and newborn photographer_0261maternity and newborn photographer_0107

Paige Lauren Rock ‘n’ Roll Collection

Once again I have been honored to shoot for Paige Lauren Baby Clothing, a super soft and really cute clothing line designed for babies and toddlers. This shoot was a little on the edgier side, taking place in a vintage guitar shop in Los Angeles. With a unique color palate and cool location, these are some of my favorite shots to date. Once again it was an absolute pleasure getting creative with a really dynamic company. Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot: rock_collection_0640rock_collection_2661rock_collection_0089rock_collection_1030rock_collection_0444 rock_collection_0550 rock_collection_2430rock_collection_0848rock_collection_1524 rock_collection_0910 rock_collection_1611 rock_collection_2180rock_collection_1822 rock_collection_1153rock_collection_2093rock_collection_1401 rock_collection_1745rock_collection_2299

music + ice cream

Last fall I photographed these gorgeous boys for their holiday card. We did the photos at home and had two of their favorite things as activities for the shoot: music and ice cream! They were so sweet together and I really enjoyed watching them interact…and capturing all that energy! Here are some of my favorite photos from our shoot:

siblings brothers professional pictures_003 siblings brothers professional pictures_0670siblings brothers professional pictures_005 siblings brothers professional pictures_0417siblings brothers professional pictures_0580siblings brothers professional pictures_0328siblings brothers professional pictures_0065 siblings brothers professional pictures_0080 siblings brothers professional pictures_004siblings brothers professional pictures_0131 siblings brothers professional pictures_0202 siblings brothers professional pictures_0224 siblings brothers professional pictures_0270 siblings brothers professional pictures_0298 siblings brothers professional pictures_0362 siblings brothers professional pictures_0421 siblings brothers professional pictures_0543 siblings brothers professional pictures_001siblings brothers professional pictures_0764

Let’s Celebrate!

It was so fun to photograph my great friend and her beautiful family in San Diego. Not only was the shoot to document her little girl’s second birthday, but she and her husband were getting ready to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. To capture this special time, we started at their home and then drove to the site of their wedding so they could show their children where they were married. So many happy pictures captured, here are just a few:

family pictures_0179 family pictures_0496 family pictures_0510 family pictures_0538 family pictures_0619 family pictures_0649 family pictures_0756 family pictures_0830 family pictures_0873 family pictures_0881 family pictures_0915 family pictures_0918 family pictures_0067 family pictures_005 family pictures_004 family pictures_003 family pictures_002 family pictures_001